Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds is an actor with great range both in the age and type of characters he can play. Theatre was his first love and anchor creatively. Film and Television have become the main focus of his acting career in recent years.

Capable of serious character work Robert also has a flair for comedy. He has a very powerful stage energy and a commanding presence on camera.

What the critics said:

*Alvina Ruprecht: 

CBC Radio Review of N.O.R.T. Production

Of “The Last Disciple of Abraham” by Paul Dervis

“ I also liked Robert Reynolds as Jonah Abraham, Sophie’s mentor

- his name is the one that comes up in the title . But he has recently

become a lawyer and he is involved in a court hearing that finishes a

bit too quickly, but Robert Reynolds is a hidden jewel on the Ottawa stage.

Passionate Race

Cast show lots of heart in dealing with sticky issue


Fortunately, this NORT and Breezehill Theatre co-production burns with real passion and ambition. The huge cast (too big for the 50-seat theatre) under the direction of Paul Dervis, bring real emotion to their roles.

Robert Reynolds is uncanny as the famed American writer who introduces each victim of discrimination.

Kevin Reid – The Visitorium – Review of “Edmond”

by the Chamber Theatre Hintonburg

The ensemble cast is spot-on, many in multiple roles and making the occasional flamboyant entrance. 

Bob Reynolds, who impressed me way back in MECHANICSVILLE MONOLOGUES II, has great moments as a convivial bar patron and a menacing detective both.